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No matter if you love social media… or hate it… you can’t get around the fact that 73 percent of all Americans use one platform or more!

If you’re like us, you’ve experienced the joy of being able to easily share content via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms and the sorrows/frustrations that come with the algorithm changes that have dramatically diminished reach.

You have to work harder than ever today to reach your target audience and inspire them to react. Plus, social media platforms are getting stricter than ever… you have to be aware of their community standards or risk losing your reach.


Social site that is all about discovery

Largest opportunities: home, parenting, food, style, beauty

50%+ of new signup are men

250 million monthly active users


Micro blogging social site that limits each post to 280 characters

There are over 69 million Twitter users

6,000 tweets on average happen every second.

326 million monthly active users


Mobile is Facebook’s cash cow 1.57 billion daily active mobile users

25% of US Facebook users are age 25 to 34

Users share 1 million links every 20 minutes

2.23 billion monthly active users


Social sharing app all around pictures and 60 second videos

Many brands are participating through the use of # hashtags 

And posting pictures consumers can relate to

Most followed brand is National Geographic

1 billion monthly active users


App for sending videos and pictures that disappear after being viewed

110+ billion video views daily

Roughly 70% of users are female

Most used platform among 12-24 Year old

300 million monthly active users


Business oriented social networking site

Brands that are participating are corporate brands giving potential and current associates a place a to network and connect

70%+ users are outside the US

260 million monthly active users

How to Throtl Your Social Media Content Strategy

There’s isn’t one-size-fits-all media strategy for established and growing brands. It depends on the product or service you’re offering. But there is one thing that EVERY social media strategy needs to have as driving force… content, content, content.

Content includes the images you use, the colors you choose, and the words you write. Whether you’re putting together an informative post to push into your Facebook feed, or a beautifully designed infographic on Pinterest, or an eye-catching ad on Instagram, each item should be carefully developed and have a specific goal in mind.

The secret to your success is to fully understand what each social media platform offers, identify those that best support your marketing goals, and leverage a social media publishing calendar that is managed daily.

Let Us Throtl Your Social Media Content Strategy

We’re obsessed with Social Media Content!

We’ve been through the social media ups and downs… just like nearly every brand across the land… but the harder it gets, the more passionate we become. We know that your social media content and strategy is what is going to set you apart from your competition.

Let Throtl guide your social media content… using insider tips and tricks… for increased brand awareness, better customer targeting, a dramatic boost in sales conversions, and a more committed social media community.

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