Search Engine Optimization

Whether you’ve just launched a brand new website or are an established brand that has either seen a huge drop in traffic or never had substantial traffic in the first place, Search Engine Optimization (done right) will be a game changer.

You have to find the fine balance between gaining knowing what your customers and potential customers are searching for and what information is going to be most valuable to them.

Plus, Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and other search engines are always changing their algorithms. You’ll win by constantly staying up on best practices that are going to keep organic traffic flowing your way. You’ve got to see your SEO strategy as a constant effort. There is never an ending point… only constant evolution.

SEO Success is All in The Details

Search Engine Optimization is a scince. Not only do you need to know what search engines are looking ,for you need to have a deep knowledge of who you potential and current customers are what they’re looking for, what they’re searching for online, and what they want to accomplish.

Your first goal should always be to empower the people you’re trying to reach… then consider how to blend their needs with the technical aspects of SEO.

It’s a given that you need to submit your site to search engines and make sure your XML sitemap is ready to roll. Additionally, on and off page SEO includes a strategic mix of keywords, meta tags, and image identification.

You’ll want to create several badass longform SEO articles and superpages that are the perfect mix of informative, intriguing and keyword rich.

It’s a constant full court press of content across all branded profiles. And we’re talking quality content… not just SEO rich pages that don’t make one iota of difference in the lives of your current and potential customers.

Backlink indexing

Keywords analysis

Website content optimization

Meta tags and descriptions

Search Engine Optimization

Submit to search engines

Submit to search engines

We'll Take the Stress Out of Your SEO Efforts

Don’t let the SEO bend our brain into a pretzel. We’ll  create an SEO strategy for you and implement it with ease.

Stay focused on the big picture, knowing Throtl will take care of the minute details. We’ll also help you better analyze your customers, their needs and what they’ll be searching for online.

We’ve been around the SEO block so many times… with its constant shifts and algorithm changes. As the year have progressed, we’ve been at the forefront of the emergence of quality SEO pages. Our strategy of combining the technical aspects of SEO practices with powerful content works magic – and we look forward to providing it to you.

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