Paid Media Planning

It doesn’t matter how large or small your brand is, your paid media effort should never be taken lightly. Whether you’re buying Google ads, running retargeting campaigns — engaging in radio, podcasts, streaming, and TV advertising — placing ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest – or all of the above, the key to your success is strategic planning. 

We haven’t seen a single brand succeed by winging it. The key to your success is being aware of best practices and approaching your paid media as holistically as possible.

Paid Media

What Does Holistic Paid Media Planning Mean?

Holistic paid media planning is looking at the big picture… not only the ads you’re going to create or the platforms you’re going to use. It’s asking important questions and mapping out a strategy that assures you’ve got your funnels primed, your social media running at full force, your lead generation tools ready to fire…

You’ve got weave together the many paid advertising opportunities so that your potential customers see you from multiple angles. For example, if you’re a B2C brand selling a valuable product, you’ll run TV and radio ads that dovetail into your social media efforts(both paid and non paid), which ties into your programmatic retargeting campaigns… which drive potential clients to your landing pages. Your landing pages need to be so sleek and compelling… that a user can’t help but convert. And when they convert — how about you retarget them again and offer them an opportunity to buy into more of your products.

If you’re a B2B brand and you’re looking to generate leads, you can use a similar approach… but you’ll want to focus on how to creatively capture their emails. This can include using ads to drive users to download a free e-book… and who knows… maybe you throw in the opportunity for a potential consumer to join your team on webinar.

The possibilities are endless, but you’ve got to step back and create a winning strategy.

We've Got Your Paid Media Plan

We’ve learned the hard way what does doesn’t  work with paid media. We mentioned above that no successful brand has winged their paid media effort… because we’ve all been there.

At Throtl, we’ve carefully analyze our success and failures – especially where paid media is concerned – and have developed planning strategies that work.

We’ll apply these best practices to your brand to help you learn… and grow!

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