It's Always Been About Growth...

Since the first day I was introduced to “internet marketing” at my first job in Marina Del Rey, California – 2004… the Goal was Growth. I had to learn the fundamentals of what it took to help a brand get more traffic via the search engines… a much easier thing to do then… optimizing a Website using the fundamentals that we knew Google’s algorithm was looking for… where “content” was a web page within a site – fleshed out with as much value as possible – structured in the right way to obtain quality links from other sites – because the value being provided was not only uniquely relevant to the topic – but organized properly… 

Fast forward to now… the foundational elements of what’s required to obtain high intent traffic to a brand has evolved… we now have tools, techniques and media channels where we get to pump content in front of people – everywhere their attention is at – operating much like TV and Radio always have… but with data and attribution models to help justify scaling ad spend within the media channels that are performing the best. THROTL’N up or down – riding each creative win like a wave… while the next round of creative’s already in queue for the next wave. EVERY solution that we’ve created has been created to support what’s required – to GROW… Owned Traffic, Earned Traffic, Paid Traffic, Sales, Conversion Rates, Media Spend per Channel and Revenue. 

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