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There are three primary things that we do here at the HAUS. All of which involve various amounts of THROTL’ing… 1) We are working with experienced entrepreneurs who have an amazing new product or service – but are not looking to build out their own internal team to take it to market – we come in and act as their internal CMO x CTO and help them build out a custom blueprint to go from domain name to brand launch – and fill every gap from an execution standpoint to do so… 2) We are working with these same brand owners to promote their brands, grow traffic and create new customer relationships… at the same time we are also engaged with existing brand owners who’ve already built their foundation and are looking for new sources of traffic OR in some cases – better performance from an existing channel… 3) We are working with brand owners who are looking to capitalize on the many opportunities that exist within the performance based marketing landscape… helping to build out new offer funnels or optimize existing ones – so that they perform better for the traffic partners who’ve signed on as an affiliate – within our network or outside… 

Currently we’re working with brand owners who’ve “done this before”… Entrepreneurs that recognize the value we’re bringing to the table once they’ve seen the solutions we’ve created to support their growth. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize what’s good or bad if you haven’t gone through the process of vetting a growth team or “agency” before… It’s good to experience failures in business – it provides you with a higher level of discernment when making decisions about who you’re going to hire to help you solve problems in the future. Because we’ve been doing this for so long and have such a deep network, we’re naturally attracting these types of relationships. At the same time – we’re always open to hear from new entrepreneurs with fresh ideas about what they’re looking to create. Our experience is vast… from a “category” perspective… B2B, FinServ and Everything ECOM… At the core – we LOVE working with people. People who LOVE what they do and who are excited about creating GROWTH. 

Great question. There are so many companies offering these now – many of whom are doing a really good job… (I smell a future blog post on this topic). When you click to get a growth audit from us; you’re going to get a call with me, Tom Elliott – the creator of this HAUS. I will share as much value with you as I possibly can… with no strings attached. I created the HAUS to help people, my team, my relationships, the strategic partners I tap for assistance for individual projects and most importantly; YOU – the brand owner. While I don’t know everything and our call time won’t be as long as what’s required to truly address every question you have on a meaningful level – I’ll do my best to share what I can with the hopes that you leave the convo with one or two helpful nuggets that you can apply to your growth planning process. 

Think of us as your “business partner” – where you’ll be adding us to your core team; we’ll be opening up our network of solutions supported by customized growth blueprints – where you have transparency into the costs and timelines associated for each solution required to execute the play we’ve created. We have a flat fee monthly retainer for our internal team – which covers the time and focus required to orchestrate the growth plan we’ve created, together. You will have media management fees in addition to our monthly agreement – that will be paid out to the chosen campaign management partner we’ve identified as the best fit for each channel being deployed. The model that we deploy is based on the evolution of failed strategies and collaborative executions – where every intricacy of what’s required to create WINS has been addressed. No one is going to be as passionate or as urgent about your project as YOU… We KNOW this… OUR MISSION – and why we’re so excited about what we’ve created for brand owners – is to get you through the toughest challenge that you will experience in this new journey – doing the right work, at the right time, in the right way… at the right cost…  so that you can power through the growth process in a way that allows for us to begin creating sales funnels and offer concepts that will allow you to pay a commission for every new customer generated. If what I’ve explained above has your head spinning – GOOD – it should… Because THIS IS NOT EASY… nor should it be… and in order to THROTL your new brand into something that generating the revenue that you know you want to be earning every month – you need to be prepared for WAR… and you need to have experienced veterans helping you make the right calls – so you don’t have to learn the hard way… You’ll always win if you don’t quit… but it doesn’t have to take 5-10 years, either. Strap your boots on, your running shoes, whatever you’ve got… We’re living in a beautiful time right now – for those who have the desire and the vision to build something great – all it takes is the right plan and the right team to see it through.

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