Direct Response Copywriting

Looking to breathe life into your direct response campaign? Or are you considering a direct response campaign but don’t exactly know where to start?

The beauty of the direct response play is that you’re in the driver’s seat. You have the power to carefully position your brand and speak directly to your current and potential customers.

How to structure a direct response sales letter

Eyebrow copy

This should be no more than a short paragraph –just 2 or 3 lines – that provides some context for the headline. Try to include an interesting detail about the creator of the product or service to personalize the letter.


Your headline is all about the initial impact. It must strike the reader and force them to find out more. Your headline should be useful, unique, urgent and ultra-specific, aim to tick as many of these boxes as possible.

Deck copy

This is a chance to build on the excitement and intrigue you’ve caused in the reader by further teasing some of the benefits of the product or service.

Write no more than two paragraphs— separated by clean space – each focusing on one single detail. So, the first paragraph might refer to ease of use, the second may hint at profitability.


Don’t just rely on “Dear Reader” aim for something that relates to the type of person you’re writing to.

The lead

Now it’s the lead’s turn to carry the baton… the race is far from over — Ii’s only just getting started. That’s why you must always start o direct response copy sales letter in a simple and easy to understand way. Use short, clipped sentences and clear, unpretentious language.

Though you can begin to explore the larger themes you’ll be exploring in your sales argument, you should focus mainly on the same benefits, promises or secrets you’ve featured in your headline and deck copy.

Body copy

This is where the real sales argument takes place.

Don’t worry about how long this section is: it should simply be as long as it needs to be. And at regular intervals of the writing process you should stop to review what you’ve written by reading it aloud.


Also, as you work through your sales argument, keep repeating these key elements:



The offer

Make it special –and that doesn’t just mean “add a discount.”

What extra value can you add? Is there another respond that would complement the product or service? Could you offer the product in another format for free? Could you arrange a Skype call or personal support? Make your offer: irresistible.


Your guarantee should be appropriate to the product or service you’re selling. If it takes two weeks for the product to work, give the customer two weeks to try it out. If it takes a year to work, give the customer a year. And if a refund is subject to any terms and conditions, write them into the copy – don’t try to hide them in a disclaimer.


Even if your letter is only seen online, include a scanned signature of the author to add credibility.


As well as reminding the reader about key benefits to reinforce the sales argument a great P.S. should cover something new that hasn’t been discussed in the sales letter so far.  You could introduce an element of scarcity to hurry the reader.. But a better idea would be to include a bonus report or an additional incentive – delivered on purchase – that you’ve not mentioned before. At this last minute. It’s the perfect opportunity to “wow” the reader. Don’t waste it.

Your Direct Response Effort Must Be Calculated

Once you’ve gotten your sales landing pages buttoned up and ready for traffic, there are few better methods for testing their effectiveness than direct response emails.

Whether you’re trying to sell a products, gather survey data, or working to increase clicks to articles via your direct response campaigns, there are some IMPORTANT direct response principles to consider.

It starts with your email subject line… you’ll be competing with numerous other emails, so your recipent has to be enticed big time.

Sometimes that requires a very literal subject line(as long as it’s ultra powerful) and other times you’ve got to leave a lot to imagination, Whatever you do, you’ve got that click!

When you get the click to your direct response piece, you’ve got to hammer with a headline that inspires a time investment.

Then comes the heart of the matter… the detailed info that will either lead to an email deletion or visit to your beautifully crafted sales landing page or publishing site.

Of course, there are other things to consider… like how to inspire your audience to forward your email to friends, colleagues, and family… or may be you want them to sign up for your newsletter… or poll them for valuable data.

You Don't Have to Do It Alone

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