Advertising Creative Strategy

Once you’ve got your website launched, your content game is hopping, your sales funnel pages designed and tested, and maybe your video content dialed in… it’s time it’s time to focus on your advertising creative strategy. 

Before you start spending money, we strongly suggest you dive deeply into your advertising creative strategy. Lack of strategy will quickly lead to loss.

Digital Advertising Strategy Guide

In order to have effective ad campaign, marketers must create a digital advertising strategy that will reach specific audiences and drive ROI.

What Is Your Goal For Your Digital Advertising Campaign?


Are you trying to get your audience to participate in a particular action? (le submit a foam, buy a product)

Are you trying to drive brand awareness?

Do you want to measure how much you spent for each action?

Do you want to see how often someone who sees your ad clicks on it?


Number of impressions that are paid for during the campaign.

Strategy tips

Explore using contextual targeting to reach the most users that might be interested in your product or business.

Performance metrics tips

The key metrics you should look at are the number of impressions and win rate Also look for ways to optimize for greatest reach by impression.

Click through rate

How often someone sees our ad and clicks on it.

Strategy tips

Look at using retargeting or CRM targeting for users that are showing purchase intent.

Performance metrics tips

Ensure you are tracking the full conversion funnel. Look for ways to retarget users that have dropped out of the funnel during purchase.

Cost per acquisition

How often someone sees your ad, clicks on it. And completes specified action.

Strategy tips

Think about using video creative or ensure your creative has a strong call to action.

Performance metrics tips

The key metrics you should look at are the number of clicks as they relate the number of impressions. Also look for ways to optimize the delivery of your campaign based on sates that produce a solid number of clicks.

Everything Powerful Begins with Stratergy

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve already taken a deep dive into the advertising pursuit without a detailed strategy. Just like us over the years, you’re probably learning (sometimes the very hard way) what works and what doesn’t

Or maybe you’ve just launch your product and you’re ready to give advertising a try.

Either way, it’s important that you take a step back and define your goals. What exactly do you want to accomplish?

Do you want to create brand awareness? Do you want to sell a physical product? Do you want to capture lead?

If you’re wanting to create brand awareness or “reach” your audience, you’ve got to scope out what that needs to look like. This includes developing ad creatives that are both visually creative and inspiring. deciding on which funnels(s) you want to send them to, and deciding how will track and college data.

On the other hand, if you’re wanting a sell a physical product and inspire conversions, you’ll most likely be creating compelling ads that send users a sales landing page/advertorial, and/or product pages.

Whatever your formula may be, we highly suggest that you test, test, and test until you identify the best funnels for your specific goals.

We'll Throtl Your Advertising Creative Strategy for You

Here’s the deal… there are so many moving parts to successful advertising creative strategy and for you to REALLY get it right… you need a team with years of experience to set up a framework that works.

We’ll sit down with you and listen… we’ll take the deepest dive you’ve ever seen into who you are, what your brands stands for, what you want to accomplish, what objections consumers may have toward your offerings, your website, the content you’ve created, your branding, and more…

Then, we’ll develop an advertising creative strategy that makes a massive impact.

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